Kurt's Continental Divide Trail ride

Kurt’s Continental Divide Trail ride

Kurt is currently out on a 3-month ride down the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT), a 3,000-mile long route. Roughly 60% of the official CDT is open to bikes, and Kurt has had his eye on it since first purchasing a map set of the trail in 2009. A few years later, Eszter Horanyi and Scott Morris became the first to ride through-ride of a bike-legal variation of the route, bypassing the Wilderness areas and National Parks that are closed to bikes. Few other riders have attempted the entire trail since then, and Kurt is excited to finally have the opportunity to ride the trail starting in July. He hopes to finish by early October, a pace of just shy of 40 miles per day, testament to how slow much of the trail actually is. He’s also got some exciting work to be doing along the way related to bike access and use on the trail for Bikepacking Roots and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

The map below shows the various long-distance routes down the Continental Divide Trail corridor – Kurt’s planned route (green), the singletrack of the official CDT (yellow), the dirt roads of the Great Divide MTB Route (red), and the Tour Divide race route (blue).

The links below share more about the adventure. Check back here over the coming weeks for links to more information on Kurt’s ride – his bike and equipment choices, trip planning process, and more!