adventures, places, and races

Embracing Spontaneity in the Alps (RWGPS Journal):

A Bicycle Tour through the Kofa Nat'l Wildlife Refuge (The Radavist):

Desert Invastion (Freehub):

Riding the Seasons of Idaho (RWGPS Journal):

A Baja Beach Vacation with a Side of Bikepacking (RWGPS Journal):

The Gamble of Winter Bikepacking in the Gros Ventre (The Radavist):

I Quit But Didn't Give Up (Pivot Cycles Journal):

Cold Snap (Freehub):

9 Days in the Henry Mountains (The Radavist):

Onto Plan E: A Short Loop of Nevada's Toiyabe Crest Trail (Revelate Designs blog):

Fat Pursuit and Building community (Adventure Journal):

HOW-to and educational resources

Kait and Kurt Pedal the Alps - gear breakdown (Revelate Designs blog):

Training for Ultras: Kurt's approach (Pivot Cycles Journal)

How I Became an Ultra Endurance Cyclist (KB RWGPS how-to Part I):

Bikepacking Food (KB RWGPS how-to Part II):

Water While Bikepacking - The Complete Guide (KB RWGPS how-to Part III):

Bikepacking Shelters - A Guide (KB RWGPS how-to Part IV):

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podcast interviews

RWGPS Ride Buddies: Kait and Lael chat all things about riding bikes
Bikepack Racing Podcast: Ezra digs into all the questions podcast hosts don't normally ask Kurt
WEMBO: Kait gives a wrap-up of her experiences at the 2022 24-Hour World Championships
Bikes Bikes Bikes! Kurt chats with Cjell about racing across Nevada and the history of bikepack racing
WEMBO: Kait gives an interview in the lead-up to the 2022 24-Hour World Championships
Ride Buddies: Kurt and Lachlan Morton explore the intersections of their passions for riding
Too many Clif Bars, a winning mindset, and major life transitions

The Radavist: 9 days in the Henry Mountains

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