For 2022, we’re excited to introduce the Industry Nine-Pivot Backcountry Pro Team composed of mountain bike athletes Kait Boyle and Kurt Refsnider. We have made our names as leading ultra-endurance, bikepacker, backcountry mountain bikers and advocates. We’ve both worked with Industry Nine and Pivot Cycles for five years now, and the formation of this team celebrates what these brands have enabled us to do and provides a platform from which to launch our 2022 objectives.

With a diverse calendar of events, adventures, and projects spanning stage racing, self-supported ultras, 24-Hour World Championships, trail restoration initiatives, and a traverse across the Alps, we’re excited for the opportunity to be working with brands who share our values of backcountry trails, adventurous riding, stewardship, and excellence in our pursuits.

Here we share a bit about who we are, what is on the horizon in 2022, and what partners make this team ready for going deeper on bikes.


Kait Boyle

World champion, record-holding ultra-endurance athlete, advocate, educator

Hi, I’m Kait. I love moving up and down mountains, through canyons, across deserts, and down rivers. I discovered the mountain bike amidst a career in outdoor education and quickly fell in love with bikepacking which dominoed into pursuing long bikepacking expeditions around the world. I started racing to see if I could, which turned into wondering what my best looked like. I’ve since co-founded Bikepacking Roots, won the 24-Hour World Championships, set records in self-supported ultras that rival the strongest men, survived and overcome a traumatic car accident, and found my voice and passion as an advocate for wild landscapes, trails, and climate.


Off the bike I love time at home in the Tetons with my partner, Will, and our dog Hank.


Home: Victor, Idaho, ancestral lands of the Shoshone Bannock, Eastern Shoshone and Cheyenne Tribes

Age: 34

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Education: M.A., Environmental Education, Prescott College. B.A., Wilderness Leadership & Environmental Education, Prescott College 

Career highlights:

  • 24-Hour World Champion (2018)
  • AZT300 record holder
  • Kokopelli Trail record holder
  • 24-hr Old Pueblo record holder

Favorite places to ride:

  • The Palisades (WY/ID)
  • The Arizona Trail
  • Lionhead (ID/MT)

Kurt Refsnider

Ultra-endurance/bikepacking legend & record holder, route developer, advocate, cycling coach, geologist

Howdy, Kurt here! More than 20 years ago, 7th-grade Kurt entered his first mountain bike race at the Minnesota Zoo, and I’ve been racing ever since. After bouncing around the road and scenes while in graduate school, I eventually returned to the dirt and became enamored by probing mental and physical limits in multi-day ultraendurance events, winning and setting records in some of the toughest bikepacking races in the United States – Tour Divide, the Arizona Trail 300 and 750, the Colorado Trail Race, the Iditarod Trail Invitational, and more. But experiencing new-to-me landscapes and developing a deeper understanding of them is what really energizes and inspires me, whether that’s moving through those places at a rapid or relaxed pace.

Beyond simply pedaling my bike, I’m a co-founder of and the Routes Director at Bikepacking Roots, a cycling coach,
a former geology professor, and an advocate for landscapes, backcountry trails, and climate.


Home: Prescott, Arizona, lands of the Yavapai Apache and Hohokam Tribes

Age: 40

Pronouns: he/him.his

Education: Ph.D., Geological Science, University of Colorado – Boulder. M.S., Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin – Madison. B.A., Geology, University of Minnesota – Morris.

Career highlights:

  • Iditarod Trail Invitational win (2020)  
  • Arizona Trail 750 record holder (2018)
  • Grand Loop record holder (2020)
  • Tour Divide win (2011)
  • Kokopelli Trail record holder (2x)

Favorite places to ride:

  • The Bradshaw Mountains (AZ)
  • Anywhere on the Colorado Plateau
  • The Arizona Trail

Banner photo by Cort Muller