Alpine #7 Trail Work Weekend

Alpine #7 Trail Work Weekend 2022!

Why: The Napa Point to Columbia Mountain ridge line of the Alpine 7 is a dream backcountry bike adventure that is inhibited by the very overgrown Posey Creek section. With the help of the FAMB trail crew and this volunteer event, the trail could be passable and enjoyable again. 

When: Our main trail cleanup day will be the 16th, however we are encouraging everyone to make the 15th and 17th travel days since the drive is slightly long. 

What: The goal is clearing the brush overgrowing the trail. The FAMB trail crew will be going out the week before to do the brunt of the work with the hopes that volunteers will swamp and clean up the trail. This is a backcountry mission so you will need to provide your own camping gear and food, but snacks and swag will be provided! 

Where: From Columbia Falls; head east to Hungry Horse, south on West Side Road for 44 miles, turn right/west on Quintonkon Road, and continue 6.5 miles. Look for a campsite down below the road on the left/south side of the road along the creek. If you reach the end of the road, you went a couple miles too far. 

(GPS Coordinates) 48°02’57.2″N 113°41’33.5″W

Let us know you’re planning on coming by signing up here!