Alpine 7 Trail work weekend!

Alpine 7 Trail work weekend

Due to fire restrictions, this trail work weekend has been postponed until the summer of 2022.

We’re excited to announce the first trail work weekend the Backcountry Bike Challenge is helping make possible – this one is on the Alpine #7 Trail in northern Montana near Columbia Falls!

Look at the ridgeline of Napa Point to Columbia Mountain from the Flathead Valley floor. Can you imagine a more iconic point-to-point Alpine adventure? An ambitious, fit and skilled rider just might fit it into the lighted hours of a long Montana summer day…were it not for the unavoidable, deeply unpleasant and complete time-suck that is Posey Creek, 4 miles of incredibly overgrown, forgotten, and unavoidable trail (see photo above).

“Napa to Columbia.” Go on, say it out loud. Let it roll of your tongue, beckoning riders far and wide. It’s the Seven Summits of the USA. The whole enchilada of Montana. If only Posey Creek is cleared.

Let’s make it happen. Turn the jungle into flow. Make the dream of “Napa to Columbia” come true.

Join us for a weekend of camping, trail work and grand ol’ times, July 31st-August 1st. The Flathead Area Mountain Bikers is graciously sending out their trail crew and coordinating. Local riders Loren Mason-Gere, Caleb Ambrose, Joel Shehan, and Matt Butterfield are rallying as many folks as they can. Together, we’ll get those 4 miles of trail passable.

The Backcountry Bike Challenge also has a bunch of swag from our sponsors for folks who show up to help.

We’re encouraging folks to come out the night of July 30th since the base camp is a bit of a drive from Columbia Falls. Then we’ll get to work first thing on the 31st! See the maps below to see exactly where we’ll be working and how to access the base camp.

Come on out! Have questions? Shoot us an email!


Here’s where we’ll be working – the Posey Creek and Quintonkon Creek sections of the Alpine 7 Trail. Both are accessed from the east (see map below).

Access route to reach the base camp area from Columbia Falls, Montana – head east to Hungry hourse, south on West Side Road for 44 miles, turn right/west on Quintonkon Road, and continue 6.5 miles up. Look for a campsite down below the road on the left/south side of the road along the creek. If you reach the end of the road, you went a couple miles too far. For an interactive map of the access roads and to download a GPS track, here’s the route on Ride With GPS.